Hi there,

I’m Ayelet Lazarovitch, an Israeli designer who studied in Milan, Italy, and then moved to the least obvious place in the world – that is – the lovely Dunedin, New-Zealand (the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my life). There I worked at the University of Otago, designing educational technology and supporting lecturers and students in teaching and learning using design thinking.

After 7 years, I am now back in the wonderful (yet complicated) country of Israel,  designing and working with businesses through the design thinking framework to create strategies and overcome wicked problems in their organizations.

This blog is my journey of exploration, aiming to further understand what “design” actually means. What is this extraordinary power that design has on all aspects of our lives, and how can we use it to make this world a better and a nicer place for all of us to live in?

If you’re interested in looking at some of my work, visit my Behance portfolio and please feel free to contact me at:


I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, even though it is just a collection of things I find interesting about design, creativity, education and their link with technology.




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